Permanent Recruitment

The permanent recruitment cycle is extremely complex. In today’s competitive market place it is vital that a candidate’s interest is maintained throughout the process and Professional Technical take an active role in this.

Over recent years we have found the much publicised skills shortage in the engineering sector has really taken hold. Companies in nearly every sector we recruit within are struggling to cope with the demands placed on their engineering departments due to the upturn in manufacturing and the shortage of engineers. To that end Professional Technical do their utmost to mitigate any risk by being constantly aware of the sectors we recruit within and the candidates therein.

We ensure we are aware of the best candidates and the most committed companies. Our expertise and bespoke service ensures success by being diligent, intelligent and hardworking.

The process begins when one of our team of specialist consultants takes a detailed brief covering duties and experience needed and cultural fit, advising on current salary trends and skills shortages.
From here an in-depth search and selection process takes place whereby Professional Technical’s consultants will access the in-house database and also various specialist external sites and most importantly our unique LinkedIn connections.

The next phase is to discuss the client’s role and ascertain the candidate’s interest before a CV is sent. Once an interview is arranged, Professional Technical will maintain contact with the candidate; ensuring salary expectations are realistic; handling post interview feedback, offers, negotiations, start dates and post placement debriefs. 

The building of a good relationship between Professional Technical, our clients and our candidates is vital and ensuring open communication during a time when life changing and business critical decisions are made is very important.

As with all businesses; honest, open and clear communication is the key to the success or otherwise of your recruitment process. Without those three attributes we believe the whole system will fail, often an intermediary in the recruitment process is very beneficial; initially as an expert in finding the right candidate/opportunity and then, just as importantly, the management and negotiation of the recruitment process and offer stage in the recruitment cycle.




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